About Us

Ogeco’s history

In 2002, Siraga Engineering was created to study and realize tailor-made projects in the LPG sector, on EPC basis for Siraga.

In 2016, the mother company : Siraga-Makeen, decided to sell the majority of its parts to DEC (Design, Engineering & Consulting).

DEC is also a Belgian company which shares the same core business than Siraga Engineering : EPC plants in LPG sector.

In 2017, aiming to improve the commercial visibility of the company, Siraga Engineering changed name to become OGECO (Oil & Gas Engineering and Consulting).

At the dawn of 2018, OGECO became 100% owned by DEC.

OGECO and DEC are now merging, taking advantage of geographical and commercial networks of each other.

Both companies have effective means and worlwide experience according to international standards such as NFPA, ASME, BS, …

This good news demonstrates the strengthen and soundness of OGECO, reinforced by her shareholder DEC.

This merger allows the new entity to manage his own business and strategy on a completely independant way.

We do hope that our historical and new Customers will trust our teams for their projects they could initiate and that we shall manage and carry out as seriously as usual.